Many vendors think that successful agents use aggressive or ‘pushy’ selling techniques to get their sales. They believe that an agent who uses such techniques will sell their property faster and for a higher price.


But the reality is often far different with purchasers frequently reporting that they dislike real estate hype and hate being pushed with agent tactics. In fact, purchasers are put off by the ‘hype’ most actually make a decision not to carry out any further inspections with that agent because of it.


After all, you cannot really bully someone into buying their single greatest asset. Buying a property is quite stressful and purchasers do their homework for weeks, sometimes even months before committing themselves and they usually know down to the last light fitting what their money will buy.

The reality is pushy selling techniques are no substitute for a well thought out marketing program and can even lose potential purchasers. Correct pricing, attention to the presentation of the property combined with professional marketing and consistent exposure so that all prospective purchasers in the price range are introduced to the property along with its best features are just some of the aspects of a good marketing program.


A successful sale will occur if an agent’s marketing program is sound, the necessary ground work has been thoroughly covered, and the buyers are properly qualified. A genuine empathy with a purchaser’s ‘real’ needs (as opposed to the ‘make-a-sale-at-all-costs’ mentality) will result in a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved.


It is a well-known fact in the industry that the best agents do not need to use pushy sale techniques to be great salespeople. Their professionalism, superior marketing programs and local reputation are best assets plus they have the quiet confidence and genuine enthusiasm that goes with success.